In 2022 it's even easier to #LoveYourMother - by doing a 515 when you're at the beach.

(1) Got 15 minutes?
Then you have time for a 515! Just look around while at the beach - try to find 5 pieces of left behind litter in 15 minutes.

(2) Pickup any litter you find - get the kids involved!
Because it's a participation sport, Beach Cleanups are meant to be easy and fun. The 515 makes it even easier by challenging you to find 5 pieces of litter in 15 minutes. Totally easy to do!

(3) Bin it to Win it!!
Litter is so out of place at the beach! Recyclables should be recycled, litter should be put in a trash bin. What could be easier?

(4) Snap some photos of you and your trash haul!
As weird as that last point may sound, those that follow your effort on Social Media will likely be amazed at what you haul in - the trash is there and a photo proves it! Tag with #EMF515 and @mention our foundation

If you do a video, consider ending it with "Remember, It's 515 somewhere!"

(5) Challenge a friend or 2!
So many people enjoy vacation at the beach during the summer - tag them in your post and Challenge them to do a 515!

(6) Get back to vacation!
The purpose of the 515 is to draw attention to litter around us (especially around the beach) and take responsibility to help Mother Earth and all her creatures enjoy a clean home. Taking 15 minutes out of your vacation is all it takes - but remember why you're at the beach! Enjoy the beauty of nature and time with friends and family.

Oh, and just because you did a 515 doesn't mean you can't do another. And challenge the kids. Or see how fast you can find 5 pieces of litter. Make 515 a drinking game...

The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for the helping #LoveYourMother this summer!

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