Love Your Mother this summer when you visit the ocean.

In its 3rd summer, #EMFBeachCleanup is our way of giving our Mother Earh a big hug - by cleaning up her beautiful coast and helping keep the ocean clean for marine life. It's easy and a way to help protect our natural beauty.

On Sunday June 9th, we're heading south to kickoff the Great NC Beach Sweep when we travel the North Carolina coast cleaning up beaches along the way. Our plan takes us to 40+ beaches and we finish just north of Virginia on Friday June 21st - the Summer Solstice.

This is definitely a participation sport - we all can do our part. We think that anyone that is lucky enough to spend time at the beach is pretty lucky. Once again this year we're going to ask as many people as we can to do a #EMFBeachCleanup as part of their summer vacation.

It's super easy, takes less than an hour - and you'll be amazed at how much litter you can find when you look for it. Really.

Hope to see you along the coast this summer,

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